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Many people intending to settle abroad and work there are confused regarding the right visa option. It is a fact that one cannot obtain direct citizenship in many countries, as a skilled professional. They need to find a way / visa category for entering a country and subsequently explore the path to obtain citizenship.

Moreover, Canada and Australia offer permanent residence visa, giving the visa holder rights and privileges that are quite similar to citizens.

Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency in Australia or Canada permits a person to live/work in any part of the country permanently.  They can also avail many rights and privileges that are similar to citizens. Families from various countries, like China, India, Philippines, live on a permanent basis In Canada and Australia. They must meet the conditions of the Permanent Residence Card. Their Permanent residency process is easy.

Advantages of permanent residency

After Getting permanent residency in Australia / Canada one can:

  • Live, study, or work in any region of the country

  • Receive social benefits like the citizens

  • Avail Free / subsidized health care as well as education

  • Apply  for citizenship after some time

  • Avail protection under local laws and finally

  • Children born get citizenship in an automatic manner.

Acts which they cannot do as a PR

  • Voting  or running for a political office,

  • Not getting certain jobs which require a security clearance.

These permanent residents must also follow certain associated guidelines of travel, and take note of the period of stay outside these countries. They have to Apply for a Resident return visa, on return every five years, and also renew the PR status.

Also, all the immigration-related processes are hassle-free and there is a professional manner of approach for these categories.

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