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Australia Spouse VisaAre you married to an Australian Permanent resident? Want to stay in Australia along with your partner? Then, you should know the basic requirements and immigration process to visit Australia under Australia spouse visa, which are provided in this article. If applicants are married to an Australian national, eligible New Zealand citizen, permanent resident of Australia, or engaged in a de-facto relationship (common law) for minimum 12 months, then they might be entitled to visit Australia by acquiring an Australia Spouse Visa. During the applicants stay in Australia for initial two years, their spouse or partner may sponsor them. Following this, if the relationship is still reliable and ongoing, applicants might be qualified for permanent residence and can stay in Australia.

Australia Spouse Visa Requirements:

Individuals need to fulfill the following requirements in order to stay in Australia with their Australian partners under Australia spouse visa.
  • Australia spouse visa applicant and their partner should possess a commitment to a shared life as wife and husband. Even though, they are married legally or not.
  • Relationship between the partners must be genuine and ongoing
  • Both partners must stay in Australia jointly, apart from a permanent basis
  • Applicants should have been in a relationship with the spouse for the last 12 months if they are not legally married. Evidence must be provided that both the partners have lived together throughout this period.
  • Applicant must fulfill the character and health requirements
  • Applicant and his or her spouse age should be 18 or above

Australia Spouse Visa Processing Time:

Once, applicants meet the requirements they are eligible to apply for Australia spouse visa in order to move and stay in Australia. The visa processing time for this visa is subjected to change. The processing time for Australia spouse visa mostly depends on the applicants’ profile. Please fill out Our Enquiry form or follow us on @ MoreVisas FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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