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Settle in Australia on Australia Distinguished Talent Visa

Australia Distinguished Talent VisaWilling to Settle in Australia permanently? Probing for best visa option? Then, the best suggested option is Australian distinguished talent visa. Australia is a leading destination for number of career opportunities. Immigrating to Australia through Australia distinguished talent visa category is based mostly on an excellent talent of the applicant in the fields of arts, sport, or research and academia.

Australia Distinguished Talent Visa:

Australia distinguished talent visa is one amongst the Permanent Residence visas. It is not a points based system and individuals have no age limit in order to file a Distinguished Talent Permanent Residence Visa Application. People who would like to immigrate to Australia on Australia distinguished talent visa will be issued with a permanent residency status. Eligible Applicants can apply for an Australian citizenship after a period of two years.

Australia Distinguished Talent Visa Eligibility:

In order to obtain Australia Distinguished Talent visa, applicants need to meet the following distinguished talent visa eligibility criteria.
  • No age limitation to apply for a Australia Distinguished talent visa, however, applicants below 18 years and above 55 needs to produce some evidence showing that they are financially independent and expected to be of special benefit to Australia.
  • Applicant must hold Skills & Qualifications such as:
  1. Evidence that shows that they have no problem in getting job or in becoming established independently in the country in occupations like sport, arts, academia and research
  2. Be benefited to the Australian society, i.e. capable to demonstrate how their residence in Australia can contribute to the country economically, culturally or socially
  3. Still be remarkable in their occupation
  4. Must be capable to show globally record of outstanding and wonderful accomplishment in the fields of academia, arts, research or sport.
  • Applicant should be nominated either by an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen or any Australian organization
  • Must meet health and character requirements

Australia Distinguished Talent visa Processing Time:

The present processing time for migration to Australia under Australia Distinguished Talent visa category is around nine to twelve months from the beginning of the visa process. However, the processing time is subjected to change. If you are interested on this visa, please fill out MoreVisas Enquiry Form, so then one of our visa executive will approach you soon.

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