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Australian Skilled Independent Visa

Down under is a leading nation with strong economic growth and ample employment opportunities. Australia has always been a dream land for numerous immigrants and even the country has always valued skilled professionals. It is barely a secret that Australia is not only a sought-after immigration destination to visit for sojourns and tourism, but also to start a new life. The country is owing to the affluent heritage, superb climate, encouraging job opportunities as well as multiculturalism that many individuals frequently find it extremely easy when it comes to immigration. Simultaneously, the country is also very eager as well as inspired towards providing a red-carpet welcome to foreign skilled professionals from a variety of domains in order to meet its milestones and targets of Australia immigration, in order to stay viable on the world map. The government of Australia has introduced several Australia skilled immigration programs to encourage overseas skilled employees to migrate to Australia. 

Australia Skilled Immigration:

Australia has geared up to open its wide doors for skilled immigrants from India and other nations. The country is facing acute skill shortages in various professions. Individuals with relevant experience in such professions can apply for any of the Australia skilled immigration programs for immigration. Among the various skilled immigration programs, Australia skilled independent visa is one such major program preferred by a majority of immigrants for successful Australian immigration.  

Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Visa:

Australia skilled independent visa is a permanent resident visa issued for overseas skilled individuals who possess in demand skills in native’s labor market. This visa enables overseas nationals to reside and work in Australia permanently. Individuals can travel to and from Australia for a period of five years from the date the visa is issued. Visa expiry doesn’t affect individual’s permanent resident status, if they are residing in Australia. However, if they would like to travel as permanent residents of Australia following the initial visa expiration they need to acquire Resident Return Visa (RRV). Individual’s eligibility for RRV depends on the period they have stayed in Australia.  Skilled Independent Visa to Australia is a points-based test for skilled workers who do not have a sponsorship from employer or family member or nominated by a territory or state government.

Australia Skilled Independent Visa Requirements:

In order to apply for Australia skilled independent visa individuals need to submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. Individuals who get invitation can only apply for Australia skilled independent visa. Apart from receiving invitation individuals should also meet Australia skilled independent visa Requirements.

  • Applicant’s nominated occupation must be listed on skilled occupation list (SOL)
  • Applicants need to obtain suitable skills assessment for that respective occupation
  • Applicant’s age should be below 50 years of age
  • Applicants need to secure minimum points specified in the letter of invitation depending on the aspects in the points test
  • Applicants must be at least competent in English language 

Australia Skilled Independent Visa Features:

  • Individuals can reside and work in Australia permanently  
  • Paves way for Australia citizenship
  • Benefits of Australian medical and health care
  • Access to some social security expenses
  • Can sponsor people for acquiring PR in Australia 

Australia Skilled Independent Visa Points System:

Australia skilled independent subclass 189 visa is a point’s based system, where applicants need to score at least 60 points in order to migrate to Australia successfully. Here, points are awarded based on the aspects such as age, English language, Nominated Skilled occupation, educational qualifications and others. 

Really, it’s a great opportunity to migrate to Australia under skilled independent visa and obtain Australia PR status.

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