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To immigrate to Australia as a Skilled Migrant you need to meet the following basic requirements before submitting an application. The requirements are firstly you must be under 50 years old, those over 50 will not be considered for a visa. Your English must be at least as what is considered 'Competent' level, this will be decided by your scoring of the International English Language Testing System examination. Your nominated occupation must be on the 'Skilled Occupations List' (SOL) for you to apply for a permanent residency under the skilled category. You must have written proof of the qualifications and experience you claim to have and you must have at two years working experience of the skilled job behind you, again evidence for this will need to be produced. In all, there are 7 types of Australia student visa you can choose from depending on your circumstances. The study visa categories are listed below:

  1. Schools Student Visa (Subclass 571) This visa applies if the student intends to study in a primary or secondary school, or is on a student exchange program.Vocation Education and Training Student Visa (Subclass 572) This visa applies where the student is seeks to obtain a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Certificate at a publicly funded Technical and Further Education College (TAFE) or through a private college.
  2. Higher Education Student Visa (Subclass 573) This applies to those seeking a tertiary qualification from a university, such as a Bachelor degree, Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate.
  3. Masters and Doctorate Student Visa (Subclass 574) For those seeking a postgraduate qualification, such as a Masters or Doctorate degree, this visa applies.
  4. Non-Award Foundation Student Visa (Subclass 575) This visa relates to study of a foundation course, i.e. one that has no formal educational prerequisites, and one, which will not lead to the award of a formal degree or diploma.
  5. AusAID or Defence Sponsored Student Visa (Subclass 576) This visa applies to students who have the support of AusAID or Australian Defence. It is a highly specialized visa category.
  6. Independent English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) Student Visa (Subclass 570) This visa applies to those students intending to study only English. Students who are studying English as a prerequisite to other courses need to apply under the other visa subclass to which those courses relate.
  7. Guardian visa (Subclass 580) The Guardian Visa is part of Australia's provision for the welfare of overseas students who travel to Australia for education. The Guardian Visa allows a parent or other close family member to accompany a student or students while they undertake their Australian education, particularly the age group under 18 who are here to study at high school. The new Guardian Visa, introduced in January 2004, replaces the old Long Stay Visitor Visa, 686 which was previously used for family members in guardianship role.

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