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South Australia grants $200,000 for Golden North premium ice cream Company

The famous Golden North is Laura’s biggest company that manufactures ice cream. Laura is a town in the Mid-North region of South Australia. The South Australia Government has granted fund of $200,000 to the company to increase their production. The funds will be extremely helpful for the company as the complete up-gradation was expected to be $450,000, which is expected to reduce the company’s energy costs by $143,000 a year, which will drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The funding that is done by the State Government's Regional Development Fund will help Golden North to upgrade its ice cream production line which will indeed reduce the ice cream freezing time by about 60 hours. The grant of funds to the company was part of the South Australia Government’s commitment to support the regional economies and their growth. This will provide the company to improve their infrastructure and production options. This will result in the flexibility of future operations. Employment opportunities will increase in Laura. This will result in extensive people migrating to Australia. Golden North is a widely respected company in the local community. With the growth in its operations, there will be a positive economic and social impact not only in Laura but in the surrounding regions too.

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