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Temporary employment visas for Australia – Amazing opportunity for skilled workers

In order to meet the employment requirement or shortage of skilled workers in Australia, temporary employment visas are granted to eligible overseas workers. The time duration of different temporary employment visas from short stays to longer periods that can range between three months to four years. Every visa has its own advantages that are developed according to the benefits that it will deliver to Australian economy. Since the visa application process for Australian Temporary Employment Visas is complex in nature, it is advised to undertake the services of expert immigration and visa consultants such as MoreVisas. MoreVisas provide in-depth information and useful guidance that are relevant to employment and travel needs of an applicant. Temporary Work Skilled Visa – Subclass 457 permits business of Australia to employ workers or employees from outside of Australia towards skilled jobs. All the skilled workers under this visa are nominated and sponsored by their Australian employers on a temporary basis. It is important to note that these Australian businesses have to prove that they nominated the foreign employees due to non-availability of skilled workers in the domestic labour market. The main advantage of this visa is that there are no age limits for sponsored employees. It is required that employees need to have sufficient skills in English language. MoreVisas offers free assessment to evaluate an applicant’s eligibility towards the temporary work visa of Australia. Australia Immigration ConsultantsThe Australian employers need to fulfil certain obligations like securing approval from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for sponsoring overseas professionals and workers. These employers have to ensure that the employee’s salary and benefits are in accordance to the workplace agreements. This visa also permits an individual to undertake multiple entries into Australia. The other benefits of Australian Temporary Work Visa are,

  • Earn income and secure benefits in accordance to Australian conditions
  • Work in Australia for three months to four years
  • Dependent migration is permitted
  • Dependents can study and work
  • Eligible to the contributions of employers towards superannuation
An applicant can also apply for another temporary visa, when his/her validity of visa expires. However, during the period of visa sponsorship, the applicant can also apply for permanent residence permit of Australia. Since there has been booming economic activity in several sectors of Australian economy, there has been a wide range of employment opportunities for skilled workers. Adding to this factor, great working environment and living atmosphere in Australia, this country has become a hotspot for migration of skilled workers. MoreVisas channelize all the immigration process service of clients under the reliable and expert guidance of our process consultants. We are delighted to proclaim many of our customers were very much satisfied with our service. We also immigration and visa services to different countries such as Canada, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Denmark and many others.

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