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The New Australian Visa Fees are now under the spotlight

The Department of Immigration introduced new visa application fees from the 1st of July. Generally, the visa application fee rises every year by about 5%. For the first time, this year government has brought considerable additional visa fees where the family members are also on the application. There will be an additional fee for the additional family member under the new “user-pays” system. Permanent skilled visa applications which, include the independent 189 visa or the employer nominated 186 visa, where the partner is on the application form, there is going to be an additional fee of $1,530. Additional charges of $765 for each child on the application. For a family of four, the total additional fee will be $3,060. These changes are on the top of the “base application charge” of $3,060. Australia Immigration Immigration claims that the new pricing structure will bring Australia’s visa pricing into the spotlight along with that other countries which include Britain, Canada and the US. The new visa application fees are complex; hence it is important calculate the visa application fees correctly. If, the fee is paid wrongly a visa application is considered invalid. The application will be returned unprocessed. Visa applicants with family on a temporary basis will also be affected by the new fee rules. The popular sponsored 457 visa fee is now $900. An extra $900 fee is payable for a partner and $225 for each child on the application. Under the new rules, people applying for their second temporary visa while in Australia will find they have to pay a “subsequent temporary application charge” (STAC) of $700 a person. This would not apply to people applying who are applying for second working holiday visa because the first working holiday visa is always assumed outside Australia. However, it seems that a person on a second working holiday visa granted in Australia would be liable for the STAC fee if they then apply for a further temporary visa such as a 457 or student visa while in Australia. An additional $80 fee is applicable for some visa applications that are not made online. It is now very important to plan in advance and set your visa strategy at the earliest.

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