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As individuals who each care about the countries we live in, it’s only natural that we ‘do our bit’ to take care of the environment. Whether this is recycling our week’s worth of plastic bottles and soft drink cans, walking to work instead of taking the car or donating clothing to charity instead of throwing them away, even the smallest of actions can make a huge difference and impact our surrounding environment. But what about greener living on a global scale? Take a look at which of the world’s countries are ranking as being the most pro-active when it comes to protecting the environment.



 The Swedish are extremely proud of their clean country and with a green-friendly rail system, outstanding health care and resourceful sources of energy it’s no wonder Sweden is regarded as one of the most clinical places to live in the world.


 Equally as proud of its stunning greenery and therefore environmentally- conscious nation is Switzerland. The Swiss government have even decided to charge a fee to anybody who throws out litter in the countryside. After all, it’s these breathtaking views that make Switzerland such a desirable holiday destination for tourists and so the Swiss prefer to keep their environment as eco-friendly as possible.


 With a landmass of only 84k square kilometres, of which 46% is forested land, this means that residents who live in Austria need to respect their green surroundings and help to look after the land that is available carefully. Sustainable living is treated very seriously here and the federal environment agency plays an active role in enforcing their eco-friendly policies and high environmental standards on all of those who reside here.


The Canadian federal government recently stated that it plans to invest $1.5 billion in alternative energy solutions like wind and solar power to decrease the levels of global warming and contribute to a healthier way of life for Canadian countries and their residents. Even the printers behind Toronto’s leading entertainment magazine, ‘NOW’ magazine are taking into consideration the sheer amount of trees that are cut down each year in order to publish daily newspapers and magazines. So they only publish using 100% recycled paper and vegetable inks in an effort to preserve the rainforests of Canada.


 Australia is no exception to the eco rule. Australia ranks very well on environmental health issues such as the effects of air pollution and water safety. Australians are generally well-educated on the government’s environmental regulations and so if you’re planning on immigrating to Australia on a permanent basis and you’re not up to date on your eco-friendly policies, remember that there is always much more than can be done to help keep this tourist-friendly state clean and tidy.

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