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Before you meet a particular employer, you should impress them with your resume. This section will provide you with the advice to help you put the resume that is going to give you the greatest chance of landing your ideal job. The outline below should help you write an Australian format resume that is easy to read and prepared with facts which employers / recruiters want to know. [caption id="attachment_1737" align="alignright" width="245"]Australia Flag Australia Flag[/caption] Simple 6 resume tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep to the employer's necessary submission - .doc, rtf etc.
  2. Concise is good - less about the past and gives details about your recent jobs.
  3. Clear, honest text – confirm that everyone can read it
  4. Write your contact information at the end - not start or midst.
  5. Maintain single font - formatting matters and comfortable to read makes you stand out.
  6. Highlight particular skills - related to each job to which you are applying. Arrangement and description of your past employment experience is important.
Certain factors that should be added for your previous position you have held earlier. They are:
  1. Organization name and its location
  2. Role held by you
  3. Tenure
  4. Short explanation of duties
  5. Achievements - with specific reference to any benefit they might have for your future employer.
  6. Education and Training: Education and Training section can include university and institution, industry and in-house courses, and additional professional training. Put your highest qualification.
  7. Professional Memberships: Add only those relevant to your career.
  8. Referees: Write the References/Referees at last if any. Name and contact numbers are the common adequate presentation.
  9. Hobbies and interests: If you want to add it, place it before the column of Referees. Some of the career experts suggest that the section could work against you if the recruiter is not interested in the activities you list.
  10. Context counts: Add details, and write them in such a way that will be of special interest and potential benefit to the recruiter of a company who need to give you a job. Everything you place on your resume should be provided a context.
How lengthy my resume should be?
  1. For fresh graduates and for employees who worked in the workforce for last few years, two pages are precise, but for everyone except the above  mentioned, 3 – 5 pages is suggested.
  2. Hiring managers together with recruiters want to see how your career has developed, and some details of your accomplishments regarding how they added value to the business and what they were.
  3. If you want to mention earlier work of particular interest or relevance, you can add a section under the heading “Other professional experience”.  Conversely, you can give a full summary of your professional records. End with the sentence: “Full resume available upon request.”
Different jobs, various categories: The jobs that you work might all be in the similar field, and the employers might all be similar types of people, but there is perpetually having slight variations each time so that your resume should have a small difference each time. Reviewing the resume perfectly: Every employer values efficiency and attention to detail. So before saving your resume, review it repeatedly. Get someone else to review the resume for you. Make sure that there is no spelling and grammar error, it is written in a uniform tone and tense, and above all, the information is correct. A great resume will go a long way towards getting your ideal job. Make sure that your resume is the best it can be too. There is no doubt that you will do everything possible to be the best candidate you can be. Purpose of resume: The above structure provides the potential employer with the information that he or she wants – in a correct order – to help them make the decision interview or not. The purpose of a resume is to get the interviews. We could not get a job based on the resume alone.

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