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Austria Immigration Offers Options for People who Seek to Migrate

Austria immigrationAustria could be described as one of the oldest and most beautiful European nations. Figure reveals that the population of this country is around 8.4 million individuals. The official currency of Austria is Euro. And this country is a member state of EU and Schengen Area that offers many benefits for its residents. The largest city by population terms is Vienna. It is six times larger than the second largest city Graz. Vienna is known for its ancient European centre for art, culture, music and opera.

Austria is also inimitable with this EU region by being the lone EU region member state as Austria Immigration presently offering the legal Economic Citizenship Program, permitting a direct route to its citizenship with no need of residency for people and their families, and they can make an economic contribution to the government of Austria and its public.

The Citizenship, Immigration and office for Registration is accountable for providing immigration services in Austria, through its various municipal departments. To visit Austria legally, an immigrant requires a valid Schengen Visa granted by either Austria or other Schengen member nation.

Austria is member country of Schengen region. Nations under the Schengen Agreement has eliminated the passport and control of immigration at their common borders and for traveling between their member countries. On arrival to the Schengen region, a normal procedure of immigration control applies.

Non EU citizens who seek to reside in Austria for over three months should apply for residence permit. The policy of Austria Immigration is strict as permits for residences are offered only for certain reasons and would not be extended after the intention is fulfilled.

Few kinds of residents permit entitles its holders to bring their spouse, under age kids and few does not. No quota has been placed by Austria Immigration to any kind of residence permit in the country.

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