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Austria Immigration Provides Many Ways to Migrate

Austria immigrationIt might be relatively a small country but there are many reasons to go for Austria Immigration. Austria is not bigger than any state in the US, and its population is similar to the number of individuals in London city of the UK. It is a beautiful European nation filled with beautiful landscapes and exciting cities. It is a federal nation that comprises of nine provinces.

For those individuals who are looking to immigrate to Austria, there are many paths to get this, and it depends on the reason of immigrating like for studying, working or family reunification.

There are three types of Austria Immigration. They are Permanent Immigration, Temporary Residence and Fixed term employment.

Austria has started a very popular and flexible latest immigration scheme, the Red White Red Card under its permanent immigration program. It generally targets for facilitating the immigration of high skilled employees from non EU nations and their families with an intention to permanent settlement in Austria. It provides a single permit to work and settle down in Austria. The selection is made under the personal and labor market related requirement.

This Red White Red Card is granted for a period of one year and the individuals who are entitled to get this card are highly qualified employees, skilled employees in shortage occupations, graduates from Austrian university and colleges etc.

Austria also provides temporary residence for those who want to visit the country for a limited period of time.

Another type of immigration is fixed term employment; this is for those individuals who are looking to work in Austria for a certain period of time and also for the employers who recruit employees in and out of Austria.

There are three categories of this fixed term employment program, it is offered to seasonal employees, posting of employees from abroad to Austria and overseas employers sending their employees to work in Austrian firms.

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