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Hassle-free Migration to Austria with Austria Work Permit

Austria Work PermitAustria is a world class-destination for individuals across the globe to grab wide-range of employment and career opportunities.  Every year, it attracts thousands of applicants with its picturesque towns and lush alpine meadows.  Members of EU states do not require any visa to enter the country to seek employment but all the other non-EU citizens must possess a valid visa to work in the country.

Austria Work Permit:

This is a permit given by the federal government to highly skilled overseas nationals to live and work in Austria for a certain period of time.

Skilled workers who do not belong to European Union nations must obtain a Austria work permit to take up employment opportunities in the country legally. Well experienced and qualified individuals can apply to this process by gaining detailed information on the types of work permits that are available to work in the country and the basic requirements to apply for red-white-red work permit cards.

Types of Austria Work Permits:

Whatever may be the job category that you have chosen, an individual must possess relevant work permit based on the experience, skills and duration of stay in the country. The Austrian government offers three types of Austria work permits for skilled workers they are:

  • EU blue card
  • Red-White-Red Card
  • Job seeker visas

Austria EU blue card: It is a work permit given to highly skilled workers of non-European nationals to live and work in Austria for two years.


  • Must possess confirmed job offer letter
  • Must be granted by Austrian labour market service
  • Must possess a qualification of minimum degree from any university
  • Your qualifications should match the job profile

Austria Red-White-Red Card: An overseas nation who gets qualified as a skilled worker of Austria is eligible to apply for a Austria Red-White-Red Card. This permit allows an individual to live and stay in country for only one year.


  • Must be a highly qualified skilled worker in a shortage occupation
  • Self-employed key worker or a graduate from Austrian institutions
  • Must score minimum points in points test

Austria Jobseeker: This permit is applicable only to highly skilled non-EU individuals who have not secured any job yet.

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