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Language Training Provided in Canada The capability to communicate efficiently in not less than one of the official languages is vital in understanding Canadian culture as well in becoming an active citizen while it is important when looking for a job in Canada. All jobs in Canada necessitate more than fundamental fluency in French or English. Adding to fluency in English or French, the majority trades and professions also need first-class command of all work-related language including cultural knowledge to understand unique common phrases and expressions. For newcomers looking to pursue a career in the field of their education, Language is the primary imperative. Language training is funded for free by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to evade the early complexity. Canadian Government offers free language training across the country to adult permanent residents in collaboration with school boards, community colleges, provincial governments and immigrant-serving organizations. To assist newcomers amalgamate into the labour market, immigrant-serving organizations also offer guidance in networking, internships, job-search skills, work placements or mentorships.

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