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Here we present information about what jobs are necessary for a work permit, and which jobs do not require it. There are details of what you should consider while applying for a Canadian work permit. You can also plan your next step through this.

Details regarding Work Permits

We help you to understand the kinds of work permits/visas offered by the Canadian government to people interested in arriving in Canada. There are many categories of overseas workers in Canada. The temporary foreign worker arrives in Canada for working for a brief time. The two types of work permits available in Canada for overseas workers are open. The next is one specific to an employer. The open work permit allows working for any employer, who complies with the labor laws. The employer-specific work permit allows persons to work only for a particular employer. Immigrants can also reach Canada by being a part of the Express Entry system. Permanent workers are classified as people who are planning to settle in the country permanently. The qualifying norms for this status, call the person to be a skilled professional/trades-person who has certain work experience.

Express Entry

Having a job offer is not necessary for applying to the Express Entry system. Such a person has to register with a job bank of the Employment and Social Development -Canada for gaining a connection with the Canadian employers. For the persons in the age bracket of 18-35 years who do not have a big work, there is an International Experience Canada. It gives people a chance to work as well as travel in Canada. These Participants are eligible to work in any field to get important work experience. They also do not need a job offer for working in Canada.

Needing a Job for a Work Permit

There are also some jobs, like the caregivers and agricultural workers that need an offer of employment. Caregivers have the task of taking care of the elderly, or of children, and the disabled. They can be living in the home of their employer or live outside it. Agricultural workers get employment in food processing factories or on farms.

Other Categories

The business person arriving in Canada for working in the free trade agreements signed by Canada do not need it. Business visitors also do not need any work permit.

Working as a Student

Full-time Students can work in the post-secondary institution for a part-time campus job at a bookstore/ library not needing a work permit. Additionally, on the off-campus job, they can work without a work permit for not more than 20 hours. The condition is maintaining a good academic record. Persons who plan to participate in a co-op program or take an internship can do it but they need a work permit and also the study permit. The program needs to be an essential part of studies, and cannot be more than 50% of academic work. Finally, there is a provision that the spouse/common-law partner also can apply and get the open work permit if the person is a student. They can work for any local employer while you are pursuing full-time studies. Please subscribe to MoreVisas newsletters and blogs to update with the latest information about Visa and Immigration. Please take our free evaluation to know whether you are suitable or not and our Immigration experts will help you to know further options available to you.

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