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The Best Canadian Visa for obtaining Benefits similar to Citizenship

The Best Canadian Visa for obtaining Benefits similar to Citizenship

Today, Canada offers a quality life to many skilled and sparkling professionals. There is a promise of a brilliant career and improved infrastructure facilities. Some of the people have a limited knowledge regarding the immigration rules leading to applying for wrong categories. The result is not fulfilling the required conditions or getting a temporary visa not volunteered by the applicant. We look into the Canadian Visa that provides all major benefits similar to a Citizen.

The ideal Visa Category for immigration

The PR visa is an ideal visa category that permits living, working and settling in Canada. It provides important benefits to its holder and also gives the permanent rights.

Its major benefits are:

The permanent resident in Canada has these rights:
  • Living, working and studying in any part or province or a region,
  • Receiving social security benefits similar to the Canadian Citizen that includes health care cover,
  • Applying for citizenship
  • Getting the protection under law and also under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
These rights and privileges are similar to that of a citizen but also come with a set of few restrictions. The holder is not allowed:
  • Voting right or running for a political office,
  • Obtaining jobs that need a top level security clearance
Thus the Canada PR Visa is a good visa category for living, working and settling in Canada in a permanent manner.

Methods of obtaining a PR visa

The ideal and fast pathway for applying to the PR Visa in Canada is through the federal Express Entry. It works online and is a point-based immigration system managed by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It invites skilled and talented professionals from various countries of the world and gives Permanent residency to the select few candidates. It also involves creating an online profile in the system and earning a score. Afterwards, the I.R.C.C. invites the profiles with the top rank in the Express entry pool for applying to the Canadian permanent residency.

The other details

For the candidates with a low point score – the C.R.S. the other way is to apply and seek the nomination in the Provincial Nominee Programs. The applicants score 600 extra points and proceed to get the Canadian PR after their nomination. It is better to select the best visa program and subsequently apply for the Canadian PR. All the professionals interested to Apply through these visa programs can contact us. We will be happy to guide them through our support and assistance and also deal with visa filing, and all documentation.

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