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Applicants Under this Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program are Granted Canada PR Visas

Canada_federal_skilled_worker_programFederal Skilled employees are overseas citizens who has got experience in specific jobs and who are granted permanent residency visas of Canada based on their capability of becoming economically established in the country. The applicants under this Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program are assessed based on many factors that predict the probability of successful integration in the society of Canada. Factors include job experience of applicants, education and language abilities etc.

The applicants under this Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program are granted PR visas of Canada, permitting them to migrate to the country. The permanent residents of Canada along with their dependents has got all rights to reside, study and work across Canada, thought they stay as citizens of their home nation.

Requirements of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

To qualify for Canadian immigration and get a Canada PR visa, the applicants under this Canada federal skilled worker program should posses one year of constant full time paid job experience in an occupation.

Employees who meet the job experience criteria should then fall in one of the three situations below:

  • They should get experience in one of 50 eligible professions’
  • They got a valid offer of arranged job.
  • They had obtained Ph.D. from Canada or had finished two years of education in Canada in Ph.D. at any recognised Canadian university.

The foreign skilled employee applicants should also have to meet the English or French language requirement. They should have completed their education from any recognised Canadian University and they should have minimum one year of job experience in the similar profession.

Six Selection Factors

Federal skilled employees who are eligible should have at least scored 67 points at the time of assessment in all the six selection criteria that are mentioned below:

  • For education, you might get 25 points for Canada Skilled Worker Program.
  • For language skills, you might get 28 points
  • For work experience, you might get 15 points
  • For age, you might be given 12 points.
  • For arranged job, you might get 10 points
  • For adaptability, you might get 10 points.

It is important that this program applicant needs to show that they got enough funds for supporting themselves and their dependents once they migrate to Canada.

Processing Time

The processing time for overseas skilled worker program relies on which immigration visa office of Canada the application is being processed at.

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