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Canada Becomes The First Country To Celebrate The Sikh Heritage Month

Canada Becomes The First Country To Celebrate The Sikh Heritage Month
Did you Copy That?? Justin Trudeau started his speech by wishing “Happy Sikh Heritage Month” in Canada.

Absolutely in love with the generousity of the Canadian Prime Minister as he addresses a lot of issues admist the COVID-19 outbreak. Justin Trudeau started his speech wishing a Happy Sikh Heritage Month and has also obliged that Canaidan Sikhs have always shown their interest in helping the neighbours in various means and even in the time as today’s pandemic they are doing their bit.

He mentioned this is the time we all need to be together and the Canadian Sikhs once again prove to be most helpful yet progressive in their approach towards the fight with Covid-19.

Canada has become the first country in the world to celebreate a Sikh Heritage Month in April of every year followed by a bill that was introduced by Sukh Dhaliwal. Dhaliwal said that “by celebrating Sikh Heritage Month, the border society will gain a better understanding of Sikhism and what Sikh Canadians have contributed to Canada.”

The Bill C-376 was introduced by Dhaliwal as an Act to designate the month of April  as a Sikh Heritage Month in Oct’17. He then informed that the bill has received a royal assent making Canada the first country in the World to celebrate Sikh Heritage Month.

Since Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi and Khalsa Sirjana Divas, the day on which the order of the Khalsa was released and Sikhs were given a distinct identity along with the Sikhs articles of faith, Khalsa Day Parades are held in the cities across Canada. Hence April was created as a Sikh Heritage Month in Canada to build more support to the community and to recognize the contribution of the Sikh community to Canada.

Canada Loves Indians and Indians Love Canada….Happy Sikh Heritage Month..

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