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Canada FSW program that was reopened in 2014 with new caps and occupations provides opportunities and encouragement even to the people in the occupations related to education, including

  • University professors and lecturers (4011) 
  • Early childhood educators and assistants (4214)
  • Translators, terminologists and interpreters (5125)

Canada FSW Program New Occupations under the Education sector:

Canada FSW Program occupation list for Education FieldFollowing are the new occupation list for Canada FSW Program under Education sector

University professors and lecturers (4011) 

University professors and lecturers educate the graduate and undergraduate students through certain courses and also carry out research at the universities. This unit group also includes professors and the head of the department.

Early childhood educators and assistants (4214) 

Early childhood educators are involved in planning, managing and implementing the Canada FSW program for the children ranging from infants to 12 years, whereas early childhood educator assistants take the guidance of the early childhood educators to take care of infants and pre-schools kids along with school kids.They contribute to their physical, mental and emotional growth and they are also responsible for their security and comfort. The people of Canada FSW program occupation are provided jobs at the day care centres, kindergartens and organizations which educate exceptional children. Supervisors who supervise the early childhood educators and assistants are also included in the list.

Translators, terminologists and interpreters (5125)

Canada FSW Program EligibilityThe role of the Translators is to translate the written text from on one language to another, whereas Interpreters translate the verbal communication from one language to another at the time of meetings, conferences and so on. Terminologists perform research and  list the terms that are related to certain fields, describe them and try to discover the equivalents in one more language during  television programs, meetings and so on. Private corporations, interpretation agencies may employ them or they may be self-employed.

Eligibility for Canada FSW Program:

Applications for Canada FSW program under these eligible occupations are processed if they have at least one year experience in any of these occupations. A maximum of 1,000 applications will be accepted for each eligible occupation. In addition, they have to meet minimum language requirements either in English or in French along with educational requirements. The applicant has to gain a minimum of 67 points to qualify to apply for this visa. The points grid considers factors like education, language proficiency, work experience, age, and adaptableness to Canada. For More Information about Canada FSW program fill out MoreVisas Enquiry form, then one of our Immigration Consultant will Contact you, and also follow us at MoreVisas Official Facebook Page

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