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Canada Immigration process as an Accountant
Canada is famous for its diversity and is a land of great opportunity. It is possible for many professionals to immigrate to Canada.

The background

We make it easy for you and also reveal ways to immigrate to Canada in the capacity of an accountant.  The process is simpler and we guide you with every step in the way.

Like around the world, Accountants are in big demand in Canada also. The accountants in Canada are respected members of the community, and also earn well for supporting their family. Moreover, their quality of life is great in the country.

A qualification in the financial industry is very precious and makes the person wealthy. We also show the way to immigrate to Canada as accountants in an effortless manner. They have the business acumen and enjoy a front position in the Canadian job market. This field has a great and constant demand ensuring the job security in Canada.

Finding a Canadian Accounting Job

The persons with a professional approach can find a Canadian accounting job simply by tapping into their unique personal skills. Accountants are methodical, proactive and organized persons. They can get their CV through to the right people. There is an immigration code assignment for every occupation in the Canada.

In the NOC List, the code for intending accountant migrants to Canada, is 1111 - Financial Auditors and Accountants.  Additionally, the NOC code 1111 needs a chartered/regulated status in the residential country. Additionally, an undergraduate Degree is also necessary apart from the chartered status. Thinking with foresight, and also getting sufficient notice can lead to the dream accounting job within some weeks.

Earning as an Accountant 

The annual average salary in Canada for an accountant is $57,500 or $29.49 per hour. For an Entry level position the annual salary is $33,327 while an experienced worker can earn $87,500 annually. This salary ensures a decent life for all the persons associated with them.

Canada requires the services of Skilled Workers

The economy in Canada is in need of skilled workers for its growth and also for reaching its full potential. In Canada there is always a room expertise and highly acclaimed skills as accountants. Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and News Brunswick are the places which presently very much require the services of experienced accountants in Canada. Even the remaining parts of the country hold this qualification in esteem.

Simple Immigration Steps

We take care of logistical issues and also help you to secure the Canadian visa effortlessly.

There is an improvement of chances of success when the accountants use the Federal Skilled Worker Program of Canada for immigration. This Program aims to attract skilled workers for becoming permanent residents of Canada. When you possess the required skills in the county and also provide a good match for the growing and diversified population of the country you can opt for this visa.

The first step involves making an Expression of Interest in by filing the Express Entry profile - online.

Depending on the result of the form you get a score in the comprehensive ranking system of the Express Entry. It also determines your rank in the pool of eligible aspirants.

Accountants and Provincial Nomination

There are Provincial Nominations also in the country which boost your CRS score and add 600 points. This serves as a certain guarantee of entry in the country.

The Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada allow the provinces and territories of Canada in nominating immigration candidates. Many provinces and territories look for accounting professionals specifically.

Candidates become Canadian Permanent Residents from the beginning when they are selected for the Nominee Programs, but have to live/work in the nominated province for two years. After completing the two year period they are free to live/work at any place in Canada.

Canada also keeps your profile in the candidates’ pool for a year, which presents an opportunity for becoming a Canadian citizen for the duration of continuation of the draw. 


On gaining the acceptance in Canada, candidates receive permanent residence, and can live in Canada for a very long period. We can make your dream to migrate as an accountant a reality if you are eligible. Please contact us for further details.

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