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Canada Needs More Immigrants For 2019
Posted on: 25 Nov 2019  |   Tags: ,

Canada Needs More Immigrants For 2019
The issue of an aging population can bring immense problems in a decade if immigration is not increased. Canada presently has a population of 37.6 million. This is an additional 500,000 people compared to last year, and also the largest increase in a year since the Confederation representing the annual growth rate at 1.4 percent, which is the highest in G7 countries. 

Effect Of Population

This is important and encouraging for ensuring the prosperity and growth of future generations. A focus on talented Immigration has driven the increase. 310,000 immigrants arrived in Canada in 2018. This is the right path and a movement in a positive direction. Also in the middle of these statistics, it is important to note that the population in Canada is aging. The birth rate is declining and is below the rate of fertility replacement at 2.1. This is an average for children born to a woman, and the rate at which populations replace from one generation to another without the help of migration.

The demographic pressure will be acute in a decade. At that stage, the aging population will lead to a decline in workers, increase in healthcare costs, besides challenges to the economy and standard of life as there will not be sufficient workers for paying the expenses of these social programs. 

The Future Challenges

At the dawn of a new century if there is no ambitious population growth the population would be close to 50 million. The life expectancy average for children born in Canada is 91.6 years, and the population will be old and aging. We can say that there is a need for urgent, thoughtful and strategic action now.

Canada needs a population of 100 million in the next century. If there is no action now, the programs and services people enjoy will be put at risk. These include public education, health care, and support to young families and old Canadians. There will also be a loss of influence in the world regarding the potential as a nation. Presently there is a vision for stimulation of the economy, health care, creation of jobs climate change, infrastructure, and maintaining prosperity. 

The Perspective on Population 

A growing population is a cause for celebration. Canada will achieve economic growth and prosperity and the people can take advantage of several opportunities. Presently it is under populated needing more people. Also during the first quarter of 2019, there were 506,000 job vacancies as per Statistics Canada. This shows an increase of 44,000, compared to the figures for the same quarter last year. 

Canada should bring talented professionals who are under-represented in the economy which includes women, Indigenous people, disabled people, and senior citizens to ensure their long-term prosperity.

When there are unfilled jobs in the country there is a loss of income taxes as well as personal spending. There are challenges of funding for many social programs. Also, innovation, ideas, and growth are lost.

The Strategy for Future

Canada has fairly broad support from the public regarding immigration. There is a need for a national conversation and action strategy to increase the population in Canada. Also, Canadians must be Educated regarding the economic implications of immigration. This is a case to build a bright, bold and prosperous country, considering the present and future realities.

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