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Canada offers efficient labor market attracting immigrants

Labor market for Immigrants,Canada immigrantsCanada has become the most attractive destination country for migrants who seek excellent overseas opportunities. As per the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Canada’s yearly migration flow is 0.7% of its populace and highest among OECD members.

Efficient labor market for Canadia Immigrants

A record number of 281,000 new permanent residents were issued in 2010 and in the next following year i.e. 2011, the number comes to249,000. In 2011, 190,800 temporary overseas workers and 98,400 overseas students were admitted into the country.

The OECD observes that employment opportunities for overseas Canadian Nationals have increased since 2008, whereas it has declined for natively born nationals. In OECD, Canada immigration employment rate in 2012 was the third highest one. This demonstrates that migrants are rapidly combining with the work force and using their talent to work.

Accordingly, it has noted that over 50% of Canada immigration were extremely qualified and educated maintaining Canada at the top amongst the other OECD nations. Additionally, a major number of overseas students entering Canada every year choose to stay after receiving a degree from a Canadian university.

Most of the immigrants prefer Canada as the best destination country because it offers the labor mobility. As per the most recent Global Competitiveness Report, Canada has ranked as the seventh most proficient labor market by the World Economic Forum.

Canada maintains high labor market competence which means that employees are preferred to be allocated to their effective use and provided with an atmosphere where they are boosted to offer their effort.

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