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Canada Spouse VisaCanada Spouse visa is approved to the spouse, de facto partner or civil partner and dependent children of a person residing in Canada. It allows the spouse to visit Canada in order to stay along with partner. Residents of Canada or citizens of Canada can sponsor their spouse or partner or de facto partner and dependent children from other nation to migrate to Canada. Partner or spouse can also accompany their other partner residing in Canada through Canada dependent visa, which includes other family members or dependants.

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements:

Canada spouse visa is exclusively for partners or spouse and dependent children of the Canadian residents who wish to visit Canada. In order to acquire Canada spouse visa, the following are the essential requirements that both the applicant and sponsor should meet.

  • Sponsor must be a citizen of Canada or permanent resident of Canada. 
  • Sponsor’s age should be at least 18 years.
  • Sponsor should sign a sponsorship contract of 3 years with Canadian administration to financially support the partner or spouse and children.  
  • The age of the applicant should be above 16 years.
  • If couple got married in Canada they must provide the marriage certificate issued by the province.

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time:

Canada Spouse Visa RequirementsCanada spouse visa processing time varies depends on applicants’ location. It is subjected to change based on the documents and profile of the applicant. 

Canada Spouse Visa Application Form:

Canada spouse visa application forms are accepted in two ways i.e. outside of Canada and within Canada.

Outside of Canada:

Applicant from other countries can apply spouse visa for Canada to reside with partner. Sometimes it is the fastest way to approve the application. Generally the applicants come to Canada after the visa is issued.

Within Canada:

In this process of application the applicant resides in Canada before and during the application, to qualify the spouse should have legal status in Canada such as visa or expired tourist visa until the removal order.

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  • Divya


    My husband is willing to study in Canada, I would like to know how I can apply my visa and on which basis. kindly let me know the procedures to be followed and how to convert dependent visa in to working visa after entering.

    My husband is a Dentist, he is willing to take up one year course and wants to work over there. I am a Dentist too and wanted to know how to apply for spouse visa. 

    Thanks & regards


  • priya


    My husband is doing post doctrate in canada, I would like to know how can I apply for my visa from india. According to information on net i get confused regarding dependant visa and open work permit visa. So can you please tell me which procedure i should apply.







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