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Canada's Multiculturalism and Diverse Nature

Canada’s_Multiculturalism_and_diverse_natureCanada of North America is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Though it is one of the least populated, it is the home of various cultures and ethnicities. It is the only country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as policy. So far 200 languages are spoken in Canada, and the people who come to Canada are treated as equal to Canadians.

Canada’s legal system provides equal protection to Canadians and immigrants. People from different cultures live in this peaceful kingdom, harmoniously. Multiculturalism allows the immigrants to settle in Canada, protect their ethnicity, language, culture and rights naturally.

The social fabric of Canada is so strong that people elect immigrants as public representatives. It indicates how the immigrants are well integrated into the social conditions of Canada.

The most recent Canada Immigration annual plan is going to welcome record number of 3,00,000 immigrants. The plan encourages refugees, skilled professionals, and family class immigrants.

Canada adds a new class of immigrants every year through its annual plan. The popular program Canada Express Entry accepts online applications of skilled professionals. The successful point based express entry sent PR invitations to 45,000 qualified people.

Canada Immigration relaxed significant policies to encourage international students. Many rules and conditions to apply for Canada Citizenship have been changed to help potential immigrants.

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