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Effective Methods to Obtain a Canada Temporary Resident Visa

Canada-Temporary-Resident-VisaCitizens of some countries have to obtain a Canada Temporary Resident Visa/Visitor Visa when they enter the country as temporary visitors, workers or students. A Temporary Resident Visa serves as an official document which issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, of the Canadian government. It is not a permit to work or study in a visit to Canada. A few temporary residents are able to take programs of study for six months, based on conditions. When a person is a resident of a country requiring a TRV and is planning a visit he/she has to determine regarding being a visitor and whether the stay makes it necessary to get a TRV.

Talking to an expert in these matters is the first step. The TRV has to be obtained prior to leaving the country of origin. One is not permitted to enter Canada without a TRV, and it is not issued at the port-of-entry also.

IRCC provides an online checklist known as the Document Checklist for obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa. The following qualifying criteria have to be met for a Canada Temporary Resident Visa:

  • Providing proof of leaving Canada when the approved stay ends
  • Providing proof of having adequate financial means for maintaining self and a family, and also for returning home
  • Providing proof that the applicant will not pursue work or studies without proper authorization
  • There must be no criminal record
  • Providing proof that the applicant does not pose a security and safety risk to the country
  • Possessing the required documentation
  • Providing proof that the applicant is in good health and not pose a risk to the health of the public

The ideal time to start a TRV application is when the applicant learns about the travel to Canada. There is no guarantee regarding the time of processing a TRV application. It can be applied online and requires a scanner/camera for converting documents into electronic files. Moreover, a credit card is also needed for paying the application fees. A few applicants must submit the application through Visa Application Centre in their native country. Citizens of some nations must give their “biometrics” also as part of applying. This biometrics is received at a VAC, but the fee for collecting this biometrics can be paid online.

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