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Enhance your chances of Canada immigration with multiple applications

Canada FSW

Canada immigration: 

The latest Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program 2014 has captured major attention from migrants across the globe. Total number of occupations entitled for this program is 50 with enormous number of intake caps compared to previous years. Eligible individuals who could not apply for the program in previous FSW cycles can apply this year for Canada immigration. Applicants can enhance their chances of getting selected for the FSW program by submitting multiple applications. As the number of applications submitted increases, the chance for an individual to get selected in the program also increases. All the applicants are not qualified to submit numerous numbers of applications because every new submission should be under a separate occupation of Canada immigration.

Eligible occupations for Federal Skilled Worker program:

In the present Canada immigration FSW program totally 25,000 applications are being accepted. To apply for the FSW program individuals should have experience and skills in any of the 50 specified occupations. For each occupation utmost 1,000 applications will be approved. Unique National Occupation Codes (NOCs) are given for each occupation. Presently, few of the eligible specified Federal Skilled Worker program occupations include engineering, financial services, health care and information technology.

Canada immigration Submitting applications under various NOC’s:

canadaCanada immigration permits candidates to submit multiple applications for PR, but at the same time the candidates need to pay separate fee for each application. It is must for the candidate to have at least one year of continuous experience within the past ten years. Hence an individual can submit more than single application for Canada immigration of FSW program.
  • Applicants who previously worked under one NOC and after altering career paths, worked in other NOC can apply for both NOC’s
  • Applicant worked for an eligible single NOC and then promoted to the same as managers can apply for FSW program.
  • Applicant worked under a positiowhere his or her responsibilities overlap with another NOC can apply for both the NOC’s
  • Applicant and their partner can apply for one or more NOC’s 

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