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Immigration to Canada from India - Procedure

Canada ImmigrationCanada is one of the most desirable destinations to work, travel and live. Immigrants across Asian countries are choosing Canada as one of their favorite destinations, thanks to the country’s diverse culture, high standard of living, and significantly low corruption rate. Besides, employment opportunities in Canada are picking up as a result of globalization and technological advancements. However, an individual must undergo evaluation procedures to be eligible for a Visa.

If you are looking for immigration procedure to Canada from India, here are some important notes for you.

Check your eligibility:

First and foremost for any individual, is to find out whether if they are eligible for applying to an immigration program. An individual would have to undergo an online test, where he/she needs to answer questions about their nationality, age, language skills, work experience, offers pertaining to job, income and family details. Based on the details provided by the candidate, his/her eligibility is determined. If you are eligible, then you can proceed to apply for any immigration program that is best suited to you. It is important for an individual to provide accurate details during the test.

Immigration to Canada from India Procedure:

There are several ways through which, one can immigrate to the North American country, Canada. Below are some of the points.

  • If you are a skilled worker, Canada lets you apply for immigration through the “Express Entry” program. Based on the candidate’s ability, Canada invites skilled workers as permanent residents in to the country.
  • Skilled and talented Investors can also immigrate to Canada by investing in the country’s economy. It may also give investors an opportunity to apply for permanent residence under IIVC (Immigrant Investor Venture Capital) program.
  • Self-employed candidates who have relevant experience in the fields of agriculture, cultural activities and athletics, can apply for immigration under “Self-Employed Persons” program.
  • An individual can also immigrate to Canada through a Caregiver program. This program is classified in three different ways.

Immigration through Caregiver Program:

  •  One of the first program is “Caring for Children”, which is a pathway for an immigrant that allows him/her to apply for permanent residence.
  • “Live-In Caregiver” is another program that enables an individual to apply for a permanent residence. An immigrant should be working in Canada with a valid Live-In Caregiver program work permit.
  • Those who have already provided care for elderly, disabled or people with chronic disease can apply for a permanent residence under “Caring for People with High medical Needs” pathway.

There are few other ways of applying for an immigration program including Family sponsored Visa program, Atlantic Immigration Pilot and Start-Up Visa program. However, it is important for an individual to know which pathway suits them the best.

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