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Presently Canada is the favorite immigration & hot-spot place among the individuals, and it has many reasons why it has become so. The dream of Canada Immigration is being continued by infinite individuals who do not have the necessary knowledge & proper support that they require to immigrate. The common misunderstanding that has been brought out by people is the question “Is it feasible to settle in Canada without taking the Exam IELTS?


International English Language Testing System (IELTS), is a system which is famous worldwide and utilized to test the skill level for the English Language. Launched in 1989, IELTS has been approved by all leading institutions, organizations, and nations for immigration purposes. Statistics & reports say that every particular year, plenty of people take the exam IELTS for their progress.

Why Canada Considers the IELTS Exam?

Canada views IELTS as one of the 03 language tests it practices to evaluate immigrants on their language ability. To immigrate to Canada, you need to meet specific conditions out of which language ability is one crucial factor. You need to take up IELTS exams and reach specific scores to be deemed qualified for the procedure of immigration.

Minimum Scores for IELTS

You have to get the essential points in IELTS exam fixed by the government of Canada if you need to immigrate to Canada through its programs of immigration. An IELTS exam will have 04 modules as noted below: • Speaking • Listening • Writing • Reading You need to score a least of 6 in every module to be deemed qualified for any immigration program. The higher the candidate puts in hard work and scores, the extra points he/she obtains in the Pool of Express Entry.

IELTS & Express Entry Pool

A pool of Express Entry is where your profile will be produced and will be attended upon by several Canadian provinces and will be evaluated depends on the information you present. Creating a profile of Express Entry is the initial step for Canada Immigration. A profile of Express Entry can only be created when you clear IELTS exam and obtain the expected amount of scores, and without doing so, you will not be able to make any additional strides on your immigration. Please subscribe to MoreVisas newsletters and blogs to update with the latest information about Visa and Immigration. Please take our free evaluation to know whether you are suitable or not and our Immigration experts will help you to know further options available to you.

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