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Many developed nations are surely closing their doors for the new immigrants. Some of them are putting severe conditions on the aspirants and also making the process difficult, and tedious.

The specifics of Canada

On the other hand, Canada is firmly looking forward and is on the path of welcoming fresh immigrants. This stand is based on the pragmatic economy, meeting the demands of the labor shortage. Moreover, it also represents the basic human ethics to welcome newcomers. Canada has an easy immigration process that has the aim to help the immigrants to blend with the local culture. They can integrate well into their companies and today is the best time to immigrate to Canada. Furthermore, there are many programs through which India immigrants can move to Canada. The principal among them is the Express Entry Program introduced in January 2015 by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

How it works

It has a new methodology to screen and select potential immigrants. This Program has the task of processing applications received by the authorities in various economic programs. These are:
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program,
  • Federal Skilled Workers Program,
  • Canadian Experience class
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
The evaluation of the members applying for Express Entry Program happens by using a Comprehensive Ranking Score which gives a score in various categories. It has a total of 1200 points. The members who are eligible for this Program have to submit an Expression of Interest. When they are eligible they will receive an Invitation to Apply to obtain Permanent Residency Visa to Canada.

The steps regarding entry in the Express Entry Program

Steps to Apply

  1. Take the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program General examination or the International English Language Testing system General Training test for demonstrating proficiency in English. It is mandatory for eligibility.
  2. All the applicants belonging to the Canadian Experience Class need to obtain the Educational Credentials Assessment by seeking the cooperation of the World Education Services.
  3. Getting a bank letter showing account status and also the proof of funds. There must be details like the date of opening, and the average balance for the previous six months.
  4. Providing records of personal details travel history and address also. The IRCC demands the submission of exact dates of travels in the recent past, the duration and details of stay in cities across the world during the past.
  5. Determining the economic program that you will apply and fulfilling the eligibility norms.

Additional information

  1. Ensuring having a valid job offer validated by Service Canada and approved by the Labor Market Impact Assessment
  2. Applying online for Express Entry program after creating a Candidate Profile on the National Job Bank of Canada. As a result of this Canadian employers can observe your profile and select the application as per their requirements.
  3. Ensure that all the details are filled up correctly and carefully. Many of these details will be electronically transferred to the Electronic Permanent Resident Application when the candidates get through successfully in the Express Entry. It is impossible to alter the profile after its submission.
After the submission of application, wait for the Express Entry Draw to determine the success of the application. Furthermore, on the success of the application, you receive an Invitation to Apply and need to submit the application for Permanent Residency in 90 days. Please subscribe to MoreVisas newsletters and blogs to update with the latest information about Visa and Immigration. Please take our free evaluation to know whether you are suitable or not and our Immigration experts will help you to know further options available to you.


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