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Know About Canada PR Status
Posted on: 17 Feb 2016  |   Tags: citizenship of Canada , permanent resident ,

Canada PRCanadian permanent resident is the individual who has been issued the status of permanent residency for migrating into Canada. The Canadian permanent residents are those individuals who come from other countries.

If any individual who has been granted the Canadian permanent residency can travel outside Canada with its PR Card, it is the evidence that the individual is the Canadian permanent resident. The permanent residents who leave the country require this Canada PR card to enter into the country.

Benefits of Canadian Permanent Resident

  • A Canadian permanent resident can get entire benefits as the citizen of Canada receives like coverage of health care.
  • A Canadian permanent resident can live, work or study across Canada.
  • Could get protection under the law of Canada.
  • Could also apply for the citizenship of Canada.


  • A Canadian permanent resident is not permitted to vote or run a political party
  • Cannot hold few jobs that require high level of security clearance.

A permanent resident should reside in Canada for a minimum period of two years; an individual cannot live outside of Canada for a longer period of time, if they do so they might lose their Canada PR status. The individual might also lose his status of permanent residency if he/she is convicted of any crime, and also when an individual gets the citizenship of Canada. The individual needs to surrender his/her PR card at the time of attending the ceremony of citizenship.

If an individual lost his PR card, then they require reporting it to the CIC department and could apply for the fresh PR card. if any individual has lost his/her card while they are outside of Canada, then they need to inform about this to their nearest consulate or embassy office.

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