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Manitoba Immigration for Entrepreneurs

monitobaMany of the Canadian provinces have their own business immigration programs. Every program has its own set of requirements that covers evidence of legitimate net value, least investment thresholds, requirement of residency, ability in language, investigative visits, business plans, creation of employment for citizens of Canada and Canadian PR and experience in senior management and prior ownership of business. Few Canadian provinces issue thriving applicants a visa with the validity of two years to visit Canada and start their latest venture. During that period the applicant should meet the requirement as agreed in the agreement. Other provinces are more kind and issues direct PR to the triumphant applicants.

Manitoba has got two Business Programs

  •  Manitoba Entrepreneur Program
  • Manitoba Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative
This Canadian province offers the most realistic and excellent business immigration programs. Manitoba signs a deposit agreement of 1,00,000 Canadian dollars and grants certificate of nomination directly after its approval.

Least Net Value Required

For both the business programs of Manitoba, the least net value need is around 3,50,000 Canadian dollars. Applicant should show how they had got their legitimate obtained net value. Declaring the earning or asset inheritance would not be sufficient information for convincing the office of the Manitoba Immigration. The applicant should provide entire details of their earnings from the entire sources that include rental earnings, capital benefits etc.

Least Investment Required

The least investment needed for Manitoba is 1,50,000 Canadian dollars, along with the 1,00,000 Canadian dollars refundable deposit. If anyone is not able satisfy the deposit agreement terms and do not properly execute the proposed business plan by investing the needed amount, the $1,00,000 deposit would be lost. The applicant should invest 1,00,000 Canadian dollars and also manage and run the planned business like any other category of entrepreneur offered by many provinces. There won’t be any effect on the permanent legitimate status obtained if the deposit agreement terms are not satisfied. Many people like to utilize the Manitoba immigration as the route Canada as they know they had to give up around 1,00,000 or 75,000 Canadian dollar deposit.

Refundable Amount

After an applicant gets the nomination from the office of the Manitoba Immigration, they should need to send a deposit of $1, 00,000. And when the applicant had met all the Deposit agreement’s terms and conditions, the whole amount would be refunded. If any applicant wants to withdraw their application before landing in Canada as a permanent resident, their deposit are refunded. If you want to apply,  please fill out our Enquiry Form, so that one of our visa expert will get back to you.

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