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Mind Your Manners Part 1 - Facing a Canadian Interview

Mind Your Manners Part 1 – Facing a Canadian InterviewLet’s start from the beginning. You planned to migrate to Canada and so you applied for jobs in Canada. You get that phone call you’ve been waiting for so long. You get all dressed up for your interview. But then you get nervous. “How do I face a Canadian interview? Am I appropriately dressed? How am I supposed to talk?” These things bother you and you become skeptical.

How do you face an interview?


This is universal to all job interviews. Clothes should be formal preferably western formals. While workplaces do not permit employees to wear cologne or perfume as others may have allergies, make sure that you do not smell bad. You could use a mild deodorant.


Smile and give a firm handshake to the interviewer. Make sure that you don’t stand too close to the interviewer. Always make eye contact, but don’t stare at your interviewer. He or she might just get scared.

Fibbing on your resume

Impressive resume? Perfect! Lying on your resume? Good luck backing it up! If you give false education credentials or work experience, you may not get away with it. Let’s face it – they are hiring a non-local. They definitely are not going to get you board without a thorough background verification. If you think that you can lie to make a better impression, you should know that you most probably will get not get hired or worse get blacklisted.

E-mail id

If your email id looks like [email protected], you most definitely are not making a good impression. Use your first and last name (with numbers if your name is very popular) as your email id.

Lunch interviews

Lunch interviews can be quite scary honestly. While interviewers seize the opportunity to see you in a different environment, you are more vulnerable in such interviews. You are not on a date so don’t order expensive dishes or a few drinks. In Canada, (that is actually the etiquette worldwide) people wait until everyone is served. Read up on table etiquettes before you go for the interview (presuming you didn’t know already). Don’t comment on your interviewer’s eating style. If you are a vegetarian, don’t make faces when your interviewer orders for non-vegetarian items as it is not very courteous.

Office interviews

Wait till you are offered a chair when you enter the interview office. If you haven’t been offered one, ask where to sit. It won’t be fun if you take the boss' chair. Silence or turn off your phone during an interview. If you have forgotten, turn it off when it rings and apologize. It is rude to answer a phone call in an interview. Answer all your interview questions. Sell yourself but don’t deviate. Also, this is not your college essay, so keep it brief.

Thank You for the Interview

Send a short thank you note after your interview by email or snail mail. You can also add something you missed out in the interview.

Once you clear your interview, you can apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Get your documents in order, pack your backs and leave on a jet plane.

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