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New Brunswick Immigration Needs More Applicants
New Brunswick is in great need of more applicants to submit their applications in Provincial Nominee streams. The province operates the Atlantic Immigration Pilot which has a good track record. It has welcomed 780 skilled immigrants last year. Moreover, totally 1, 500 persons have entered the province since 2017.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Streams

The future is bright for many applicants who apply for the streams. Additionally, the prospects are high for all persons interested to apply in the Express Entry system. The federal government in Canada announced a plan to attract over a million immigrants during the future three years.

The local workforce has great diversity. There are many expatriate communities from South America, the Philippines, Africa, and also the Caribbean here. The province has a need to retain as many immigrants as possible to save its school and other institutions which require the presence of skilled workers. There is an expectation of a 33% increase in the volume of applications which the PNP will accept.

Features of the province

New Brunswick is an Atlantic Province which has many small, Maritime communities. The province largely speaks English one-third of the population is French-speaking. There are forests and ocean alongside the borders, adding picturesque scenarios. Moreover, the Immigrants can fill up positions in the villages that need many skills.

There are Low-cost housing developments and a huge scope for skilled occupations. The salaries range between from $60, 000 -80, 000 in these villages. It is Home to 1, 000 residents, and there is a hope to fill 7, 000 jobs by 2021. The province lays emphasis on English classes for fresh residents to make a smooth transition into Canada.

The Moncton community can also flourish with economic growth. The workforce is bilingual here and the city offers the best in the form of a software hub with 1, 000 vacant jobs in many sectors in 2017.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program aims to attract specific vacancies of the labor market in each province. Applicants can apply directly in the provincial streams after creating a profile (online) or they can also submit an EOI to seek the Provincial Nomination after entering the EE pool.

New Brunswick immigration offers various

There are immigration streams for entrepreneurs, new graduates and also skilled workers. by using all the immigration programs, the province has a plan of accepting 7, 500 immigrants each year. Candidates must also to meet the specific criteria of each program or stream to get consideration.

Additionally, upon eligibility candidates get the nomination and also receive the invitation to apply for PR.

NBPNP Streams

Express Entry Labor Market Stream is for candidates interested to apply for the Provincial Nomination from the EE system using the Expression of Interest system.

Skilled Workers with Employer Support Stream is for candidates who possess a full-time, permanent job offer issued by the local employer.

Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream specially caters for candidates who graduated from a recognized institution in New Brunswick and also acquired or started a provincial business.

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