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A New Immigration Agreement is ready for Implementation in Ontario

New-Immigration-Agreement-is-ready-for-Implementation-in-OntarioCanada values the skilled immigrants, who come to the country, and make a positive contribution to its economy, and reside here permanently. The Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario have worked together to sign a new agreement, aimed to improve the efforts in recruiting skilled immigrants. Additionally, the governments have taken measures to properly train the immigrants in meeting the occupational requirements of the province.

Details of the New Agreement on Immigration

The feature of this new specific Immigration Agreement is $91 million funding, for assisting Bridge Training Programs, in three years, to help fresh immigrants, in bringing and utilizing their skills, to meet the professional standards of Ontario.

This agreement will be implemented from November 24th, 2017. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada and Laura Albanese Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Ontario were present at the signing ceremony.

Ontario is the most prosperous province in Canada, and both the governments, are interested to implement a foundation, for strengthening the joint efforts, to welcome and settle immigrants in the province, to improve the economy in Canada and in Ontario. The agreement, will focus on improving humanitarian responsibilities, and attract more Francophone immigrants, to the province.

Laura Albanese, the Minister, is enthusiastic about the immigration agreement being introduced stating that it was a win-win for the province and also for the country. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Canada stated that the new agreement will also help in meeting the targets, outlined in the ambitious and new multi-year Immigration Levels Plan of Canada. Through this Plan, nearly one million new immigrants will enter and settle in the country in the next three years.

Mr. Hussen stated that Ontario was a popular destination for overseas nationals, and received more than 100,000 newcomers every year. The new agreement was timely and defined the manner, in which both Canada and Ontario will collaborate in the future, for achieving their goals. In 2017, Ontario issued six thousand provincial nominations, to PR aspirants through the OINP

Methods to obtain Permanent Residency in Ontario, Canada

Ontario uses the OINP in selecting competent candidates for obtaining permanent residency status in Ontario. When a foreign national, possesses skilled work experience and has a desire to permanently immigrate to Ontario, it becomes important for him/her to determine about qualifying, to apply under the program.

The initial step to qualify in OINP is to get recruited, by an employer in Canada, and take steps to meet all the requirements, required by the program to get nominated. There are other options to qualify under this program, like taking the International Students route or joining Ph.D. graduates or the Master’s Graduate streams.

The qualification norms under the OINP are:

  • Having a valid job offer for a full-time permanent skilled position from an employer in Canada, within Ontario - This job offer must have the approval of the province of Ontario and the wage offered must also correspond with the prevailing wage for the location/position
  • having a minimum work experience of two years of in the five years before applying and the proper registration for practicing the occupation
  • Having and Approved Position Form, and a Joint Verification form, previously submitted by an employer in Ontario
  • An approval letter issued to the employer by the provincial authorities in Ontario
  • In case the candidate is already residing in Canada, there must be a proper authorization of status

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