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Prosper in Canada by Obtaining Canada Visa from India

Canada visa from IndiaCanada is the nation which lures most of the Indian migrants to migrate, work, study and settle down. Canada paves the path for the opportunities which are enticing in overseas and also an enriching experience of living abroad. This country is one among the top rewarded countries in order to fly to and it offers an experience which is rewarding to migrants at the lower costs of living.

Immigration process of Canada from India

If you are an individual planning to move to Canada from India then you will selected in the process of immigration depending on the points based system. The candidate who aspires to move to Canada would be selected based on following features.


  • Educational Qualification
  • Experience in work
  • Adaptability
  • Age of the applicant
  • Proficiency of the language

Various Pathways for Canada Visa from India

Canada offers various pathways for obtaining the Canada Visa from India. The Canadian government has evoked different skilled programs of immigration in order to tempt the individuals to immigrate to Canada. Few of the programs which are best and providing the pathways for the Canada immigration are

  • The professionals and employees who are skilled and who fulfill the needs of the eligibility criteria are enabled to immigrate to Canada in order to work through the residence and work permit.
  • The skilled individuals of the trade can select any of the immigration programs for entering and working in Canada. Under the immigration programs they can obtain the Canada PR after fulfilling the point’s calculator of immigration Canada.
  • The self employed people, entrepreneurs and investors who want to migrate and begin a business in Canada can start through the business immigration category.
  • The nominees of the province, is also one of the method for the immigration of Canada where an individual who is eligible is nominated by the territories or state of provinces in Canada.
  • The employees who are skilled and fulfill all the needs and eligibility levels can move to Canada through the Quebec skilled worker program.
  • People with the recent work experience are enabled to settle and work in Canada through the Canadian experience class.
  • Sponsoring the members of the family and the dependents is one more way of immigration to Canada.

These are a few pathways of the immigration to Canada. Each way has its own visa process and benefits of immigration. However, the processing time of Canada Visa from India will differ for the different categories and the profile of the applicant. So if you are an Indian and plan to migrate to Canada, then apply for the Canada visa from India as the nation offers more lucrative options of employment. It is true that Canada is the only nation which offers not only the exciting opportunities but also the enviable opportunities to all the professionals.

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