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Steps for Moving to Canada
There was an announcement by Canada recently regarding the need for filling around 80,000 job positions. This is good news for people intending to move to Canada for seeking an employment opportunity. A common myth regarding moving to Canada is the need of a job offer. There is the need of a valid, job offer long term when applicants go for the 70 channels to apply but many others do not need a job offer. We present below a view of the top four Provincial Nominee Programs   that take you to Canada irrespective of having a job offer or not.

The facts of Provincial Nominee Program

These Provincial Programs were established to give the power to provinces in Canada for establishing and managing their immigration. The provinces were allowed to alter the Express Entry program to suit their specific needs. Every PNP, by nature, is different, requiring applicants to either have a job offer or its exemption. The below mentioned Provincial Nominee Programs are similar and do not require the long term and permanent offer of job as a precondition for immigrating to the province.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

The stream caters to experienced entrepreneurs intending to invest and manage eligible businesses actively in the province. The qualifying norm for this stream is that there is no norm for applicants requiring a job offer but need proving to achieve these characteristics:

  • Establishing themselves in BC
  • Investing in new/existing business
  • Employing citizens or permanent residents in Canada to give several economic benefits

New Brunswick Labor Market Stream

Eligibility for the New Brunswick PNP stream has no norm to have a job offer, but candidates must have these characteristics:

  • Meeting the language requirements
  • Getting the secondary school diploma comparable with standards in Canada
  • Having one year work experience in an employment listed in the National Occupation Classification
  • Age of the range 22 -55 years
  • Proof of financial means for supporting self and dependents, even when they do not accompany them in New Brunswick
  • Committing to living/working exclusively in New Brunswick

Human Capital Priorities Stream- Ontario

This Stream is a top priority as one can apply through it to move to Ontario without having a job offer. The requirements are listed as follows:

  • Enough work experience
  • A bachelor's or above degree
  • Obtaining a language score of above 7 in English/French
  • Intention to live /work in Ontario
  • Proof of financial means for supporting self and dependents

Saskatchewan Project for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

The PNP stream of Saskatchewan targets specific truck driver and also permits trucking firms to get long-haul truck drivers to the province initially on the temporary foreign worker permits. After six months, generally the firm can give permanent status of a worker to these drivers.

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