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Chris AlexanderA certain number of changes have been brought about in regards to applying for a Canadian citizenship this year. Chris Alexander, the Canadian immigration minister has made few announcements to make people living in this country without a citizenship, know the required criteriaís required to get one. The changes made have made it easier for the few of those that have been since a long time residing in this particular country to get their citizenship without much trouble hereafter. The applicants are required to have at least a yearís experience in one of the three types of profession. It can be either managerial jobs, professional jobs or technical or skilled jobs. Given that for almost a year the particular individual has helped the economy of the country they are eligible to apply for a citizenship. Further it was announced that in this year there will be around 12,000 applications that will be accepted to avoid backlogs. Along with this people would also have to sit for a linguist test. Applicants need to be able to speak good and standard English, especially those that apply for CEC visas under professional or managerial jobs. Those who do not qualify in this test will not be permitted to get a CEC visa but their application fee will be refunded, this was not the case before. The new laws are more client-friendly. The announcement also remarked that at least a number of 200 applications of those with lower jobs such as plumbers, electrician, or so will also be accepted.

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