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Three Ideal Canadian Cities for doing Technical Jobs
Posted on: 26 Dec 2017  |   Tags: Canada Jobs , Jobs in Canada , Technical Jobs in Canada ,

Canadian-cities-for-doing-technical-jobsToronto time and again outclasses the competition in the tech sector of Canada. It is the financial capital of the country and is regarded as the understandable destination for innovative tech entrepreneurs. A thriving tech sector is essential for economic prosperity and requires funding, partnerships with universities and venture capitalists a start-up ecosystem having and tech hubs. Three Canadian cities are providing tough competition to Toronto in this sphere.

Saskatoon: Building a future:

Saskatoon is a city on the move and is being developed as a thriving centre for tech innovation. There is a sense of optimism seen in the start-up scene here. Companies like 7shifts Vendasta and Noodlecake Studios meet success here. These companies aim to do exciting things and attract professional talent to come to Saskatchewan and stay in the province.

The happening Montreal:

Montreal is home to Ubisoft Montreal and is regarded as a successful game development studio of the world. Quebec is a primary producer of video games in the country. Earlier there was a complaint from tech entrepreneurs in Montreal regarding funding. The Federal and Municipal Governments have worked on a plan to boost the reputation of Montreal as a centre where technical excellence is valued and pursued. Last June, a Capital Intelligent $100-million fund, was created to promote the Smart City Action Plan in Montreal with the partnership of several financial institutions and venture capital firms. Innovative solutions have been devised to make the city services efficient and the fund promises to boost many creative start-ups. Montreal was selected by the Intelligent Community Forum as Intelligent Community of the Year 2016. With all these measures and developments Montreal is strengthening its position as a top tech city in Canada. It has geared up to play the innovation game at an exalted level.

Vancouver: great future ahead

Vancouver is taking many steps to become a major player in the tech industry. There are talks taking place between the governments of Seattle and Vancouver on the possibility of creating a tech corridor. This is aimed at easing border restrictions and facilitating the movement of people, as well as ideas and capital between these two happening cities. The benefits of a joint approach are clear: this expansion in Vancouver will provide access to global talent, and Vancouver will receive the support of major American companies, as a means to expand its still base of tech companies. There are certain problems which need quick addressing and pave the way for Vancouver to become the powerhouse in the technology sphere.

The governments, the entrepreneurs, and the investors need to think about cooperating, and having a strategy, to usher optimum growth. If this happens, there will be commendable growth and prosperity in these cities.

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