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We present a set of tips for using in preparing PR applications like the Express Entry programs, Family Class programs and Provincial Nominee Programs.

1. Identifying the eligible programs

Canada manages several immigration programs mainly in three categories like the economic, family class, or refugee/humanitarian. These programs are either based on points, or operate on the timing of arrival basis. Some of them need a sponsor, and a few are open on an ongoing manner also. It is of great importance to research about the right and suitable program and search for an option.

2. Gathering necessary documentation in advance

While applying for Canada PR, IRCC asks a set of documents. A few of these take months to receive. Prepare well, and in advance, to avoid unnecessary delay. Some of these are Police Background checks. Law Enforcement Agencies sometimes issue these checks within a short time with little fuss. Furthermore, there are a few countries which take some long time, for it. It is also important to obtain civil status documents and work reference letters. Being dynamic in this matter is good.

3. Check them thoroughly

All the applicants must also read all the instructions clearly, confirm their assumptions, and address the concern of a particular situation. Read the material, check properly twice, and follow the Specific Checklist, depending on specific circumstances of the program. This will help to avoid delay or rejection.

4. Be accurate

Be complete and accurate and also provide proper explanation for non submission of requested documents. Never say a lie while pursuing the application. Any false information regarding the Canada Express Entry pool, can lead to a ban from re-entering the pool.

5. Know all expiry dates

It is a good habit to check all the expiry dates of documents. Here is the list. • Passport • Work and study permits • Police background checks • Results of Language tests • I.T.A. • Medical Records • Bank statements Set a reminder system to submit a timely and complete Canada PR application.

Finally Inform IRCC regarding any changes

Moreover, it is of extreme importance to carry out the necessary procedure of IRCC. Inform IRCC regarding any changes of circumstances in all the issues concerning the application. The issues can be a change in address, completing a higher level of education, Divorce, separation, or adoption. Finally, by taking all these steps you can be optimistic regarding meeting success in realizing your dream. MoreVisas have been guiding the overseas applicants in all trending and timely matters. Please stay in touch with us for any queries and suggestions.

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