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Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs in 2019

There are approximately 80 various PNPs, each with its unique eligibility criteria. Provinces react to their own special needs of immigration. Often, P.N.Ps are intended to fill gaps in the labor workforce, so they will aim for aspirants with experience in high-demand professions.

Several PNPs require applicants to have an association with the province, through prior work experience in the province, a prior study in the province, or an employment offer from an organization in the province. But some PNPs are perfect for the candidates living Canada outside who don’t have any link to the provinces of  Canada.

Top 3 Canadian PNPs for 2019:

1. Saskatchewan Province’s International Skilled Worker

This PNP is intended to get workers with work experience in the province’s in-demand professions. To be eligible, a candidate needs to have a minimum of one year experience in one of the fields included on In-Demand Occupations List of Saskatchewan. As well, applicants need to complete post-secondary education of at least one year and have knowledge in either English or French.

There are a couple of streams in "Saskatchewan- International Skilled Worker" that are for applicants outside of Canada. The first stream is the Saskatchewan Express Entry, which needs an applicant to have an effective Express Entry profile to apply. Another stream is the Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand, which doesn’t need a profile of Express Entry.

2. Ontario Province’s Human Capital Priorities stream

Ontario is Canada’s most attractive destination for newcomers with many immigrants moved to the bustling city of Toronto and its developing tech-jobs sector. As such, the Ontario province has a massive quota for assisting newcomers to immigrate with PNP streams.

For those living in Canada Outside, Human Capital Priorities stream of Ontario is an excellent option! This stream prioritizes skilled workers who can fill skilled employment jobs in the province.

Ontario also gives a PNP stream for Skilled Workers who are proficient in French language and who have profiles in the pool of  Express Entry. If you have moderate to advanced knowledge in French, this program is a great choice for you.

Ontario currently declared plans to start a latest PNP stream for extremely skilled tech workers! Specific details have not yet been announced, but this current stream could give another great choice for immigration.

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry – Category B

As it states in its name, Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry is associated with the Canada Express Entry system, indicating only applicants with effective Express Entry profiles are qualified to apply. There are 02 categories in this stream those are Category A, and Category B. Category A needs candidates to have an employment offer from a Nova Scotian company, making it a hurdle for most workers residing Canada outside. However, the other Category is Category B doesn't need any link to the province. Rather, Category B needs applicants to have work experience in one of the Nova Scotia province’s in-demand professions.

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