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Top 9 Most In-Demand Skilled Jobs In Canada
Canada has added 111,000 new jobs during the last 12 months registering a major growth in the labor market. As per the survey of Business Development Bank - Canada, many Canadian employers are eager for recruiting skilled overseas workers in order to meet its labor shortage.

As per an estimate 435,000 jobs remained unfilled in the quarter January to March 2019, raising the hopes of skilled overseas workers. These 9 Employments were the top having a great demand in Canada.

  • In the first category were Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineers.
  • Among the Healthcare professionals there was a good scope for Anesthesiologists, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, and Clinical Psychologists, followed by Opticians.
  • The next segment was IT Professionals like Cyber security experts, technical support and network administrators.
  • In the fourth category were Skilled Trades like the Electricians, mechanics, and welders.
  •  This  was followed by Quality controllers, and technical staff among the Technicians.
  • Another category was Office support including the Administrative assistants, Personal Assistants, and receptionists.
  • The next category had Sales representatives B2B, B2C, contact centers
  • Professionals like the lawyers, Project managers, and researchers
  • Finally the Teachers also had a good demand.

Challenges in Canada

Employers in Canada are adjusting their requirements for education or experience for including overseas skilled workers in a big way in large numbers. 56% employers choose going beyond the local pool and recruit their staff from outside the country. Also there were huge gains in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec provinces. The current scenario in Canada shows skilled labor shortage and many unfilled jobs. All the aspirants can presently arrive in Canada.

Canada has a quick immigration process through its federal Express Entry system and other Provincial Nominee Program streams with a link to Express-Entry. Applicants that possess the human capital factors of educational qualification, age, work experience, and proficiency in language get a high rank in the Comprehensive Ranking System score that determines eligibility to get the invitation to apply and seek permanent residence in the country.

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