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Why Canada is a Great Place to Live and Work
Posted on: 10 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Canada Visa , live and work in Canada , work in Canada ,

Why Canada is a Great Place to Live and WorkIt might seem that Canada is made up of exceptionally high standards and is a bit exclusive when it comes to getting in, but there is a definite reason for this. Canada, as a country, carries a great deal of pride in its people and rightfully so.

The veritable hodgepodge of cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities that go into making the country, have learned how to harmonize in a way that many countries have not yet learned, coming together in ways that defy any simple explanation.

There are a number of other reasons however why Canada is such a great place to live, such as:

1) Canada is the world’s most educated country.

Nearly half of its residents hold a college degree of some sort, indicating that Canadians value a quality education. Many nations around the world can’t even come close to matching the number of college graduates that Canada can boast.

2) Police give out “positive” tickets when they see someone doing something that is good for the community.

Now when was the last time you saw a police officer handing out a ticket that made someone smile? Police in Canada will actually hand out tickets to those they find doing something positive as a means of bolstering community morale and fostering a better relationship between their department and the people they serve.

This is an innovative measure that seems poised to insure that people are more respectful and receptive to a police presence in their neighborhood.

3) They are a very humanitarian country.

For example, when flights were grounded during 9/11, Canada fed, housed, and sheltered well over 30,000 people. This speaks a great deal to their need to help others and see to the safety of their fellow human being.

4) They are a very trusting nation.

The border between Canada and the USA is the longest in the world, and it doesn’t feature any type of military defense. Considering the latest news that President Trump wishes to place a wall between the USA and Mexico, this is put into greater perspective when considering if this northern neighbor might ever consider the same thing.

For all intents however no such thing is even in the works.

Canada is a very accepting nation, and will not easily allow a blockade of any sort to divert those that wish to cross their borders.

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