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Working Holiday Visa Program Opened 2020
Posted on: 27 Jan 2020  |   Tags: live and work in Canada , work visas ,

Working Holiday Visa Program Opened 2020
The working holiday visa program that benefits the Young adults, in the age bracket of 18 - 30 years belonging to 36 countries is officially open now.  The aspirants can apply for living and working in Canada by using the International Experience Canada

Working in Canada opens the doors for a professional future at the international level and also adds value to a resume. It leads to the discovery of things about self and helps to make long friendships besides creating memorable experiences.

People belonging to these countries, qualify to apply for living and working in Canada.


Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan,


Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark,  France, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Greece,  Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania,  Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, San Marino, Slovakia,  Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom


Mexico, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand,

There are three categories in the IEC Program to apply:

  • The first is Working Holiday Category which funds the vacation by temporarily working in Canada;
  • The Category of Young Professionals helps to gain professional work experience that adds to a resume and helps to compete globally, or finally
  • The Category of International Co-op that helps to gain international work experience in a relevant field.

Acceptance for any of the categories helps to live and work in the country temporarily.

How to Apply

There is a single application process for the categories, but the eligibility criteria for each one are different. Candidates need to answer some questions while creating a personal profile. Subsequent to this they receive a personal code for reference. There are questions related to nationality, place of living, student status, and a job offer.

The eligibility norms to live and work in this Canadian program specify that the applicant must be in the age bracket of 18 – 30 years, and belong to any of the 36 countries.

The eligibility requirements for programs:


Requirement of Eligibility for IEC Program Categories

Working Holiday

Young Professionals

International Co-op

no job offer desired

have a local job offer which adds to professional development

have a local, work placement or internship in Canada

you wish to work for more than one employer

you will work for the same employer (you will need to qualify for a job classified at NOC level 0, A or B or possibly NOC C (post-secondary diploma certificate or degree)

you must be a registered student at a post-secondary institution

you want to work in more than one place

you will be working in the same location while you are in Canada

You have a job offer for a work placement or internship in Canada (necessary to complete studies) This will be completed in the same location for the same employer.

you want to earn extra money while you travel

you will be paid for employment and not be self-employed

Working method

On answering the questionnaire and creating the online profile, you enter a draw pool. Each country has a unique draw pool for the 3 categories.

  • The Young Professionals category;
  • The Working Holiday Category; or
  • The International Co-op Category

Candidates can submit a profile to one (or more) pool and on acceptance by more than a category; they receive an invitation in a particular order. The invitations rounds are held regularly during the season until all available spots are filled by eligible candidates.

The process to Apply

  • Step 1 involves creating IRCC account to upload personal information and personal reference code received after completion of the questionnaire.
  • Step 2, involves submitting the profile and choosing an IEC draws pools to enter into. The profile remains active till the end of the season or when a candidate is not eligible for IEC.
  • Step 3 involves accepting the invitation to apply for a visa. This must happen within 10 days of receiving the confirmation acceptance to a program.

The Next stage

  • Applying for a work permit and travel visa, to enter Canada. The time is within 20 days, after paying the appropriate fees.
  • employer has to pay employer compliance fee by using the Employer Portal and dispatch the employment number as you necessary for applying to get the work permit.
  • Also upload any required supporting documents like the medical and police certificates, on request.
  • Paying the fees of participation, work permit and biometrics
  • Candidates get the instruction letter seeking submission of biometrics. It has 30 days for completing and submitting this at the visa application center.
  • The IRCC then will send a Port of Entry Letter that is necessary to arrive in Canada.

We bring all the facts and guidelines on such matters. Please contact us for more information.

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