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Right Type of Visa to Immigrate to CanadaLooking for better lifestyle options? Willing to work in a good working environment? Want to brighten your career prospects? Well, for all these questions Canada is the only country that you must look forward migrate to.

Why Opt for Canada?

With robust economy, amazing culture and welcoming nature, Canada is the most desirable destination for people who wish to live their dream. Over the years, Canada emerged as the best place for overseas workers, business travelers, immigrants and foreign students. Its growing manufacturing, mining and service industries have turned the country from rural to an urban one.

Immigrate to Canada:

Overseas nationals who wish to immigrate to Canada can find number of options. Skilled professionals can immigrate to Canada through skilled migration schemes or the Provincial Nominee schemes. Business people can also have number of options to migrate to Canada. Whether you wish to study, reside or work in Canada, the country has designed many schemes to make your migration process much easier.

Various Types of Canadian Visas:

The following are the different types of Canadian visas:

Canada Work Permit:

Skilled immigrants who wish to work in the country must obtain Canadian work permit to enter the country. Canada offers various options for skilled workers to enter the country on both temporary and permanent basis. Canada’s aging population is one of the reasons to seek skilled professionals.

Canadian Student Visa:

Being a home to world’s top-notch institutions, Canada is the most coveted destination for overseas students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad. Students who wish to study in Canada for more than six months must require a Canada student visa.

Canadian Business Visa:

Canada needs experienced business professionals who can make a significant contribution to its economy. Canada has classified business visas category into entrepreneur, investor and self employed. So, individuals who belong to respective category must apply for right type of Canadian business visa.

Canadian Family Visa:

Family members who wish to immigrate to Canada can file an application for Canadian family visa. Canada grants permanent residency to overseas nationals through the Family Class. If you want to join your family member who is residing in Canada, you must obtain Canada family visa.                 

With so many options available, you can choose your preferred option to immigrate to Canada at a faster pace.

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