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Are You Concerned How to Get the Canadian Citizenship?
Posted on: 06 Aug 2015  |   Tags: Canada , Canada PR , Canadian citizenship , CIC , Citizenship ,

How to Get the Canadian CitizenshipPassionate of becoming a permanent Canadian citizen, worry not! Here are the various succeeding ways illustrating how to get the Canadian Citizenship. As a citizen of Canada, you can ensure all the benefits like social and health assets also can work anywhere in the country. In order to stay permanently in Canada, you must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). 

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Citizenship:

To appertain for nationality, you must meet some certain standards

  • Should be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Should be over the 18 years of age
  • Provide the necessary evidence regarding your language skills
  • Prior to applying check that you resided as PR for about 4 years out of 6 years 
  • Acknowledge them that you are going to stay in Canada after getting the citizenship
  • Check whether you have all your taxes for the 4 years without any backlog

Once you meet all the above requirements you can now send your application for CIC. They will examine all your documents and proofs and grants the citizenship card. After acquiring the card, you will possess the equal rights with native-born Canadians.

What is a Permanent Resident Card?

The PR card is something like an identity card, once you are done with the process of applying Canadian citizenship, the Canadian government will mail you the PR card. This card is provided only for the landed immigrants. Your PR card is valid for five years, and after that you need to renew it.

Certain changes to the requirements for applying to Canadian citizen came into force from June 2015; these changes are made by CIC.

  • Before their date of application, the candidates must be present physically in the country for at least 1,460 days. This rule for ensuring the citizenship applicants to cultivate a firm bond towards the country.
  • Citizenship will be automatically extended to their next generations
  • The adult applicants must declare their desire to reside in Canada once they are given the citizenship
  • The applicants for PR are provided all the facilities and rules like those of the Canadians
  • They built a fast-track mechanism for the applicants of citizenship who are serving or on exchange with the Canadian Armed Forces to glory their services in Canada.

These above changes made by CIC seems to be strong, but the Canadian government is very much involved in conserving and providing stability for the permanent Residences of overseas migrants, who are wishing to become future citizen of Canada.

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