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The world is facing a sort of crisis on the economic front. Every country on the planet is affected some way or the other by this crisis, creating a myriad of problems hitherto unknown. This form may continue for some times as predicted by the keenest political scientist and economists. As a result of this economic slump, countries are going through problems ranging from simple job crunch to bankruptcy as evinced in Greece. Now Canada is facing some sort of antithetical problem. Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has found out that almost 290, 000 full time and part time jobs meant for Temporary Foreign Workers are unfulfilled. This has set back their possibility to fight back the economic gloom without the intervention of other nations. The CFIB has urged the government to look into the matter and try and sort out this problem by bring in more and more Temporary Foreign Workers. [caption id="attachment_1298" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bringing Foreign Workers to Canada Bringing Foreign Workers to Canada[/caption] Finding a qualified worker in Canada has always problematic. The situation has aggravated out of proportions due to such huge vacancies. The construction sector has been most hit thanks to the unavailability of skilled workers. Different services have come up with unique solutions to battle the problem. Employers must first state their requirement. Upon inspections, the services mentioned will look into overseas recruiting establishment to find right candidates. After that employers must state their preference of Labor Market Opinion (LMO). For heavy shortage the Expedited or E-LMO is available or else one has to go for the Regular LMO. Another important aspect which employers should keep in mind is the salary. The salary has to be equal to the prevailing wage in your geographical area. The services help out the workers with problems of accommodation and they present the workers to their prospective employers. Employers should be keen on employing TFW in order help Canada arise from the economic slump which has engulfed the world.

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