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'Canada Express Entry ProgramCanada is a country known for excellent career and employment opportunities. Every year, thousands of individuals flock to this nation to enjoy its attractions and work opportunities. Knowing the problems faced by the skilled workers during immigration such as a long processing time, less accessibility to individuals who possess skills other than in occupation list and much more, the Canadian government, has planned to launch the new express program to solve the problems faced by workers.

What is Expression of Interest and Canada Express Entry?

Expression of interest is a migration regime where an individual submits his or her credentials such as qualifications, skills, education, work experience and more and shows his willingness to work and live in the country for accelerating processing. Recently the Canadian government has planned to introduce the new migration system called as Canada express entry that would transform the entire immigration program into flexible, fast and emphasized on meeting country’s economic and labour needs.

This express entry program has been compared with an organization, Canada, which accepts all skilled individual credentials and supplies to its branch organizations such as employers and provinces.

How the Canada Express Entry Program Works?

Usually an express entry program works in five phases:

  1. After creating an express entry profile online, the concerned authorities will review the skills and qualifications by comparing with other applicants’ profiles and will give some ranking based on an individual’s work experience, skills, education, language proficiency and others, which indicate that the candidate will be successful in the country.
  2. If an individual does not possess any job offer, then he or she must register in Canada job bank to promote their credentials. This job bank helps the Canadian employers to search for the candidate who meets their requirements.
  3. After assessing the profiles, individuals who meet the criteria will be placed in a database or a pool of express entry applicants.
  4. In case, if any of the individual gets selected through job bank, he or she will be issued an offer letter and will be given 60 days times to apply for permanent residency in the country.
  5. The selected candidate who receives invitation can apply for permanent residency under Federal Skilled Trade program, Federal Skilled Worker program, Provincial Nomination Program or Canadian Experience Class. The entire process will be done through online only.

Who Can Apply Canada Express Entry?

Unlike federal skilled worker immigration program, the express entry program allows individuals from all occupations to present their credentials regardless of what the domain they have chosen. Along with this, individuals can also apply to this program at any time without any fear of closing of the program and caps.

What are the Benefits of Canada Express Entry?

  • There is no limit on number of applicants to apply for Canada Permanent residency
  • Individuals can focus and highlight on their skills, education, experience, abilities and language which they are proficient in
  • Skilled worker from any industry can apply for Canada PR unlike federal skilled worker immigration
  • Individuals have the right to include all their qualifications which they feel are relevant to their request.
  • Candidate can apply for Express Entry system at any time without any fear

How to Prepare for Canada Express Entry:

To enter the country through express entry, one has to get updated with their resumes, noting down the credentials and obtaining the references. Here, we are presenting few of the measures that an applicant can look into for consideration.

  • IELTS: In most of the migration streams, IELTS score will be taken into consideration to review the candidate’s proficiency in English language. Thus, document your language ability that is required to satisfy the potential employer.
  • Qualification: An individual’s skills and education plays a crucial role in approval of the profile.
  • Resume and reference letters: Update your resume from time to time and start to obtain references for job searching.

Getting Excited about Canada Express Entry:

Planning to make a move with this express entry fast and efficient migration program? Then what  are you waiting for? Create your profile soon. Currently, this is one of the best options for skilled workers who wish to work in well developed overseas nation like Canada.

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