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Canada Family Sponsored Visa - Most Effective Pathway to Immigrate to Canada

Canada Family Sponsored VisaCanada is one of the most livable countries in the world that has a wide variety of cultures. Canada seems almost to be a paradise for many applicants due to its good quality of life and employment opportunities. The most prevalent language spoken by Canadians is Tagalog. Since Canada is a homeland for wide number of cultures like German, Punjabi, Dutch, Spanish, Hindi, Italian and much more, a large number of people prefer to move to this country.

If you wish to move to this dream destination with your family members, you should know the basic process to apply for immigration to Canada. An individual can get the permanent citizenship if he or she age above 18 years.

Immigration to Canada through Canada Family Sponsored Visa

Canada has the most liberal family reunification agenda that keeps the families together..  A Canadian permanent resident or a citizen of Canada can sponsor his or her family members or close ones for Canadian immigration.

Unlike visit visas, there are different types of Canada visa applications available to immigrate to Canada with your family members.

They are:

  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Super Visa
  • Provincial Family Class Sponsorship

A Canadian citizen can sponsor only an applicant who is eligible to immigrate to Canada, that is, he or she must be able to obtain permanent residency status after 3 years.

Benefits of Canada Family Sponsored Visa

  • Can get employed without any restrictions
  • Offer of employment is not required for an immigrant to work in the country

Bringing your dear ones closer to you is a good thing but a Canadian permanent resident can sponsor only certain relative’s move to Canada for immigration. They are:

  • Your spouse
  • Conjugal or common-law partner
  • Dependent or adopted child
  • Other eligible family members

To experience a quality living environment or to live in an abroad destination, Canada family sponsored immigration is the most preferred and popular visa category that most individuals opt for. The only thing that applicants must make sure of is that they or their family members meet sponsorship requirements before applying for a visa.

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