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What is Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada?

What is Federal Skilled Worker Program in CanadaCanada Federal Skilled Worker program is a program aimed at attracting to Canada certain categories of skilled people who will contribute to that country’s economy, its advancement in different and various spheres, etc., to become migrants. Canada Federal Skilled Worker program 2014 has set a minimum set of conditions to be satisfied by an applicant to be eligible for this program. Thus, under Canada Federal Skilled Worker program, there are conditions or criteria to be met such as ‘basic eligibility’, ‘minimum requirements’, ‘six selection factors’, ‘proof of funds’, and ‘inadmissibility’. Thus, under ‘basic eligibility’ of Canada Federal Skilled Worker, the conditions to be met are that the applicant has to have at least one year of uninterrupted and remunerated employment in a single occupation, in the previous 10 years, and the work should have been such that it was at a predetermined skill level indicated by Canada’s ‘National Occupational Classification’. Additionally, the applicant of Canada Federal Skilled Worker program should have had this employment (or years worked) in one of the occupations listed under ‘eligible occupations’, or, have or obtained an offer of employment, or, that he/she must be an international student pursuing a PhD program in Canada.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Requirements:

Canada Federal Skilled Worker RequirementsCanada Federal Skilled Worker requirements are the applicant, if he has met the conditions indicated in the above, must also meet some ‘minimum requirements’ regarding work experience. Thus, his/her work experience must have been for one year at the least and it must have been full time one year’s work (1560 hours), remunerated work, in a comparable/identical occupation, etc. Also necessary, is that the Canada Federal Skilled Worker program applicant must meet the minimum/basic language requirements, and demonstrate that he/she is in compliance by passing a/the language test from an agency approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The applicant must also possess a Canadian credential or a degree, etc., from a foreign country which is equivalent to the Canadian credential. Then, further on, if the minimum conditions and criteria listed/indicated above are met, the applicant’s application is processed based on six selection factors in a points grid and these are the applicant’s skills in English or French, his/her education, his/her work experience, his/her age, if he/she an employment from a Canadian employer, his/her adaptability for Canada Federal Skilled Worker program requirements.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa fees 2014:

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa feesCanada Federal Skilled Worker Visa fees 2014 In addition, the applicant must demonstrate that he/she has adequate funds/money to be able to live by himself/herself (as also enough finance for his/her family if they are accompanying him/her), when he/she arrives in Canada. This requirement/condition does not apply to those who have an arranged offer of employment or to those who are currently working in Canada or are authorized to work in Canada.

Canada federal skilled worker new rules:

Canada federal skilled worker new rules say that it is also true that some individuals are not allowed to enter Canada and cannot apply to the Canada Federal Skilled Worker program also. Some of the grounds on the basis of which an applicant can be denied entry/admission into Canada include having a ‘criminal background’, ‘has committed human rights violations’, poses a ‘security risk’, has some type of ‘health condition’, etc. Along with  Canada Federal Skilled Worker program it is mandatory to know about Canada Federal Skilled Worker points calculator or fill this Quick Enquiry form our Canada immigration consultant will reach you soon.  To know more updates on Canada Immigration catch us on Morevisas Facebook page.

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