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Canada Immigration Visa Under Express Entry Program 2015

Canada Immigration Under Express Entry ProgramCanada is a world-class destination with low crime rate, high standard of living and excellent career prospects. Every year thousands of individuals across the globe migrate to Canada to get fascinated with its picturesque atmosphere, outstanding landscapes, waterfalls, multicultural environment and natural vegetation. Planning for Canada immigration? Then gain knowledge on the stringent and ever changing visa options and programs of the country.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has all set to launch a new program called Canada Express Entry System for skilled workers who possess special skills and abilities. This is new version of expression of interest, where an individual has to create a profile by uploading all his or her credentials for hassle-free immigration to their dream destination.

Reportedly the immigration minister of Canada, Chris Alexander noted that, this new scheme will open doors for individuals who possess special skills from across the globe to work and thrive for the development of country’s economy.

What is Canada Express Entry?

Express entry is a new selection system for Canada migration, which is designed to select skilled workers from overseas nations across World. Individuals willing to relocate to this beautiful nation for employement or for higher education have to obtain a visa for Canada Immigration. If you are enthusiastic to make Canada as your abode, then you must be aware of the requirements to apply for it.

Canada Immigration Visa Requirements:

This is an exciting program for skilled workers of overseas nations. The new program involves many improvements like greater accessibility, quicker processing time and no occupation list.

  • First and foremost, individuals have to document all their credentials by creating a profile using an online platform
  • He or she must be able to provide explanation for their interest to work and live in the country
  • After creating the profile, an individual will be ranked against the other candidate on various factors such as language proficiency in English or French, education, work experience and more
  • English language proficiency score is taken from ILETS. In this an applicant is suggested to score minimum of 7.5 in listening English, 6.5 in speaking and reading and 16 points in writing English
  • After obtaining top rank in the express entry list, he or she will get a letter of approval from the concerned authorities
  • Individual who does not possess any job offer can also apply to this program by registering themselves in job bank of Canada. This job bank is helpful for government and the employers of the organization who are looking forward for skilled workers
  • Applicant who meets the requirements of the employer will receive the offer of job
  • Successful candidates, who receive the invitation to apply, will have 60 days time to apply for permanent residency of Canada under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), Federal Skilled Trade program (FST) or Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW)

Thus to thrive in this peaceful nation, one has to meet all the requirements that are listed above.

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